The company

ILAN CarGlass Ltd. established in 1960, is leader in glazing for motor vehicles in Israel.

Unparalleled Quality

ILAN CarGlass Ltd. imports windscreens from established labels such as Sekurit, PPG, Pilkington and AGC. EEC and DOT standards are upheld, ensuring optimal optical standards of glass, tinting and impact resistance. In addition ILAN CarGlass Ltd. maintains the international standard ISO 2009 and 2002.


The Network

ILAN CarGlass Ltd. has a national distribution service that supplies its clients all over Israel. A fleet of trucks transports automotive glass and accessories to all destinations from north to south. ILAN CarGlass Ltd. has service stations all across Israel to service its clients, storing all types of automotive glass, mirrors and accessories. The success of the company is based on a standard that each client receives prompt and quality service.

 Special Products

ILAN CarGlass Ltd. manufacturer`s a variety of products such as: Aluminum frames for all industrial motor vehicles in Israel. Bands and fits Polycarbonate side glasses- a hard, transparent plastic material for security needs. Specializes in tinted windows using the ILAN CarGlass “Anti Sun” system that transforms standard clear glass into anti glare, privacy windows, using a special electric process. Specializes in bullet proof automotive glass installation.



ILAN CarGlass Ltd. supplies government offices, organizations, hi-tech companies, municipalities, car leasing companies, industrial corporations, private companies, public transportation companies and individuals.Insurance ServicesILAN CarGlass Ltd. has a department devoted to insuring car automotive glass and has exclusive agreements with the largest insurance companies in Israel, which lists hundreds of thousands of customers. ILAN CarGlass Ltd. also handles coverage for radio theft.

Exclusive V.I.P service

ILAN CarGlass Ltd. offers a special and unique service for it insurants and privet costumers- automotive glass replacement specialist come to you!ILAN CarGlass Ltd. has a fleet of service minivans and a staff of professionals that replace automotive glass at costumer`s homes and offices. ILAN CarGlass Ltd. is the only company in Israel that offers this service to its clients.

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